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Expo Itinerary





Check Back January, 2025 for itinerary

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Chicago June 21-22, 2025

We're excited to SuperSize the Windy City!





Check Back February, 2025 for itinerary

Atlanta July 20-21,2025


...I founded Juicy Peaches to honor my promise to God: to stand in the gap for extended-size parents logistically forced to sit on the sidelines of their children’s lives. To help them reclaim their lives, reengage with society, and cherish every priceless moment with their families. The SuperSize Your Life Expo is a natural extension of this mission, uniting all the resources, products, and support needed for the SuperSize Community, and warriors battling Lipedema and Lymphedema, to live comfortably and thrive.

While I've extended invitations to over 200 companies,  it's essential that the SuperSize community shows up. We cannot continue to suffer in silence and isolation.We're losing valuable time. If we face our challenges together, we can overcome any obstacle. Our strength lies in our unity!


I’m convinced that after this transformative weekend, we will emerge from our cocoons, spread our wings, and soar into a future full of endless possibilities. This is the change I’ve prayed for. The change we all deserve. I’m ecstatic to see my vision fulfilled. It will only expand from here.

             Unique Gibson                           

 Founder, SuperSize Your Life Expo

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Please email us for sponsorship opportunities for both cities!

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